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Benefits Card

- Companies or private corporations can become members under the condition that they have already held an event or business stay in any of our hotels.

- Registration for membership takes place following the very first stay or event held.
- To enjoy the benefits of your More Is More business card, members should at all times present the card upon arrival at the reception desk.

- The More Is More business card is a company card and can be used:

Α ) By the company employees who have been verified from their company with written documentation.

Β ) Exclusively by individual professionals private corporations
- The card is valid for any one of our Aquila Hotels & Resort hotels.

- The deadline for redeeming points is fixed at two calendar years from the date of the last held event.

- The collected points are not redeemable in cash-, but are credited to the More Is More business card and can be used towards the next event as credit bonus or compensated and redeemed in total prior to the completion of 2 calendar years from the date of the last event.  

- Each interested member can follow and receive an update of their account via our company  website at :

- The More Is More business card will be supplied by the hotel within 2 weeks of the related invoice being issued, provided it concerns a new member, that is to say, new registration and the points received for the event that have already been credited to the card can be used for the next event or stay.

- Credit bonuses will be redeemable upon written notice by the client, one week prior to the event or stay.

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