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Scarabeo Boutique 

We are delighted to introduce to you a luxurious display of the finest jewellery at our Scarabeo Boutique. The scarab beetle was a talisman of the ancient Minoan civilisation that arose on Crete and today still symbolises good fortune, We feature jewellery from a variety of collections, ranging from gold and precious stones for everyday simplicity to those of the highest standards of elegance. We invite you to visit the boutiques exclusively located in each of our hotels to find a treasure trove of delights and included services, from certification and servicing to consultations and custom designs. We, at Aquila Hotels and Resorts, guarantee a piece of jewellery from Greece's best designers to be the most precious souvenir from a holiday on Crete.

Proudly, we also present to you an exclusive collection from the world renowned atlelier: Etho Maria. This design house is regarded as the foremost jeweller in Greece and recieves international acclaim for the exquisite quality and uniqueness of its designs. Etho Maria encapsulate unrivalled quality of materials and innovation in every timeless piece, using unexpected combinations in extraordinary designs that beguile and astonish.

Find an exquisite talisman of your own at Scarabeo, to hold close to your herat and to remeber your experiences of Crete's beauty.